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Here's what people are saying about Erika Cruz!

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"A genuine, empathetic and relatable therapist in a non-judgmental environment. She listens, not dictates. She provides fun games, real tools that work, and pensive questions that keep you thinking and searching within. She is relatable and professional without the cold, authoritative, sterile environment of what some may think of "therapy" . You have a fun, and enjoyable advocate in this woman! Give it a try-you might find your path to freedom, I did."

 - K.P - 11/2018

​This is a personal recommendation for my Therapist, Erika Cruz.
Erika is a marvelous Therapist who saved my life!
I can't imagine what I would have done without her by my side, as I went through the process of stepping into my wholeness while simultaneously eliminating my use and abuse of alcohol. Therapist Cruz allowed me to be me... Yes there were days when I came in and just fell out on her healing couch... There were days when I told her I was going to the restroom and snuck out to get a drink.

I kept coming back...
I kept coming back...
I kept coming back...

My Spirit knew I would heal and that this was a safe home for my journey.
Erika knew when to Speak... and when to be Quiet.
She had a very Theoretic / Practical side and a Spiritual / Metaphysical side,
as well as a very Street Smart / Savvy side.

I call Erika my Personal Life Doctor who cares and genuinely loves what she does, with loads of wisdom & insight. Bar none, Therapist Erika Cruz is just a very Special Person with very "Special Gifts" 

I highly recommend anyone to strongly consider using her services. 


~ L.P. 8/2019

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