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Owens Counseling Services, LLC offers individual therapy and brainspotting to adults age 18 and above.

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I offer an integrative approach using talk therapy and mind-body therapy called brainspotting to get to the root of your problem.

I assist with:

- Teaching mindfulness techniques and other skills to help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety while helping you uncover and heal the root issues causing you discomfort.



Brainspotting is a brain-based healing modality that aims to help clients process difficult emotions or traumatic experiences. In brainspotting, different eye positions are used to help identify "brainspots" linked to certain experiences, emotions, or sources of distress. Once identified, brainspotting therapists use mindfulness techniques to help the client access, experience, and process the thoughts and feelings stored in this brainspot.  

Brainspotting starts working immediately and builds on itself over time.  You may find that your initial problem resolved in just a few sessions, or you may realize you wish to keep uncovering more of your potential over a longer period of time.

What Can I Expect in a Brainspotting Session?

  • You will be encouraged to accept, allow, and observe what comes up

  • You will be encouraged to let your body process the trauma

  • The therapist will help you process the thoughts and feelings that come up

Can Brainspotting Help Me?

Brainspotting can treat anxiety, depression, phobias, panic disorder, chronic pain, and impulse control.  It is especially effective for processing trauma because it helps clients access the limbic system, where unconscious traumatic memories are stored.  Brainspotting can help expand your scope of what is possible.  For people who find it too difficult to talk about painful emotions, memories, or past trauma, the fact that brainspotting requires little to no talking is also particularly appealing.

This is the latest tool in my repertoire.  The results I have personally experienced from the sessions I received and the results my clients are seeing are deep and significant.


*Brainspotting   *Depression   *Anxiety   *Stress   *Substance Abuse   *Addiction   * Parenting skills   *Single parenting   *Relationship issues  *Self esteem issues  *Traumatic histories   *Substance Abuse Evaluations   *Mental Health Assessments

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